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June 7   Tigers   40   Wimbledon   38  (British League)

Wimbledon’s coach is held up due to an accident on the A74. the second half is run first, apart from the Wimbledon top scorers race and the trophy final. Olle Nygren has travelled independently and makes it in good time, but his leathers are on the coach! The Dons riders have changed into their leathers en route and rather than wait for Nygren to get kitted up, heat two is run before heat one, in which Nygren is programmed. Whaley deserves full marks for his ingenuity and time management.

With Berg back in Norway and Josefsson still injured, Tigers operate rider replacement and use John Boulger as a guest.

The meeting probably hinges on a Hedge engine failure in heat ten which allows tigers to take a 5-1 and an eight point lead. Russ Dent puts in a fine ride to split the Luckhurst/ Nygren pairing in the next race but a last heat decider is set up when Nygren and Hedge take a 5-1 over Jim McMillan and Jansson, the latter falling in a desperate attempt to pass the Dons. In the last heat Dent and Boulger ride a sensible race to keep Dugard at the back and secure the league points for the Tigers.

A Wimbledon supporter later writes to thank he Glasgow crowd for their patience in waiting for the bus to arrive, adding that she was not completely sorry that her Dons lost.

Tigers Scorers

J McMillan 11, Boulger 9, Dent 8, W Templeton 7, B McMillan 3, Jansson 2:

Wimbledon Scorers

Luckhurst 14, Nygren 9, Hedge 9, Middleton 2, Dugard 3, Tebby 1, Cowland 1:


Malmquist Saga Part 1: Whaley sends him a telegram, asking if he is now free to join the Tigers.





June 8   Halifax   50   Tigers   27  (British League)

This meeting is the first part of a double header with Sheffield being the second visiting team. Glasgow are missing all three Scandinavians and use guest Geoff Mudge, Brian Whaley and Rider Replacement as cover.

Eric Boocock’s bike stops in his first two rides and Tigers manage two 4-2s in these races but that is the sum total of the joy for Tigers fans tonight, although former favourite Charlie Monk, scoring ten points as Sheffield gain a 39-39 draw, may have raised a few smiles.

Tigers Scorers

Mudge 10, W Templeton 6, J McMillan 6, Dent 3, Whaley 1, B McMillan 1:

Halifax Scorers

Younghusband 11, Boothroyd 11, Kentwell 9, Jay 8, Jameson 7, E Boocock 4, Robinson 0:


Malmquist Saga Part 2: Malmquist says he is unable to ride for Tigers this season





                                                      June 14   Tigers   34   Halifax   44  (British League)

With Josefsson still on the injured list, Tigers again operate rider replacement, and somewhat surprisingly Brian Whaley is preferred to Bill McMillan at reserve. On a warm night, the track is pretty slick and Lars Jansson seems all at sea in these conditions. Russ Dent fares little better, and with three riders only scoring one point each, we were never really in the hunt.

Heat winners were also scarce in the home side of the pits, indeed up to heat ten only Willie Templeton had won a race, and that was in heat four, which featured both teams reserves. Berg, Templeton and McMillan all manage a win in the closing heats to marginally improve the final score. As expected Younghusband and Boocock impress for the Dukes, while Alan Jay finishes off with race wins in his last two rides.

Tigers Scorers

Berg 12, W Templeton 11, J McMillan 8, Dent 1, Whaley 1, Jansson 1

Halifax Scorers

Younghusband 11, E Boocock 10, Jay 7, Boothroyd 6, Sharpe 5, Kentwell 4, Jameson 1:


Malmquist Saga Part 3: Following talks at both Halifax and West Ham, Malmquist agrees to ride for Tigers provided he can clear up his business commitments in Sweden. He is to confirm this by telephone tonight.







June 15   Belle Vue   50   Tigers   28  (British League)

Lars Jansson seems more at home on the pacy Hyde Road circuit and beats Roper in his opening outing. Roper takes a heavy fall next time out and retires from the meeting. Jim McMillan is the only other Tiger to trouble the rampant Aces for whom Sjosten, Maidment and Levai are all unbeaten.

Tigers Scorers

J McMillan 11, Jansson 10, W Templeton 4, Berg 3, Whaley 3, Dent 0:

Belle Vue Scorers

Sjosten 12, Maidment 11, Levai 9, Nevitt 6, Powell 6, Pusey 4, Roper 2:




                                                        June 21   Tigers   38   Sheffield   40  (British League)

These are troubled times for the Tigers and the admission prices are raised by sixpence to counteract falling attendance levels. There is a feeling that our future hangs in the balance. Jansson’s  jacket is on the proverbial shaky peg but on a considerably less slick track, he signs off with a performance to be remembered. Cruelly he suffers a last lap puncture in his last race, which allows Paulson to pass him to seal the win for Sheffield. Monk goes through the card on his return to the White City with a fine if decidedly galling performance. We don’t half miss him.

Dent and Whaley, again, contribute little to our cause.

Tigers Scorers

Jansson 12, J McMillan 9, W Templeton 7, Berg 7, Whaley 2, Dent 1:

Sheffield Scorers

Monk 12, Larsson 11, Haley 7, Paulson 5, Dews 3, Maxted 2, Bales 0:


Malmquist Saga Part 4: Malmquist  phone and says if he goes well at Exeter, he will join the Tigers


Malmquist Saga Part…zzzz: Malmquist phones from Exeter saying he is not now prepared to ride in Scotland after all!  - The End -






                                                        June 28   Tigers   43   Swindon   35  (British League)

Having finally drawn a blank in his pursuit of Malmquist, Les Whaley also gets the knock back from Leif Enecrona and Ove Fundin, the latter being a decidedly forlorn hope but certainly worth a try. With Jansson having been released in the expectation of a new signing Tigers make frantic calls to Sweden and get permission to sign Ake Andersson, about whom little seems to be known. Dave Lanning refers to him as “young”, sorry but this guy has been around the block…and a few times! In fairness to Whaley, at the time of his signing Andersson is fifth in the Swedish league averages, with a figure of 8.75 after four meetings.

Swindon are without the injured Briggs and Kilby, but have Roy Trigg, who scored heavily on his last visit two months ago, comes in as a guest. Sadly from the Robins viewpoint at least, he is considerably less effective than previously. Shuter, again, shows his liking for the Paisley Road West circuit and top scores for his side.

Andersson, apparently still a bit green from a rough sea crossing only a few hours earlier, wins his debut race, inspiring thoughts that we have at last found a winner. Unfortunately his other rides are considerably less impressive, but may be after recovering from his travel weariness he will be better! Fellow Swede Josefsson also gets off to a good start on his return from injury, being unbeaten in his first three rides before tiring. Tonight, incidentally, is our highest win over Swindon!

Berg falls when chasing Shuter but is otherwise unbeaten. McMillan gets stuck behind Broadbanks and Shuter, yes him again!, in his opening race and then goes on an unbeaten run. Dent seems back in the groove with seven points. Perhaps the abortive attempt to sign Alan Jay proves to be a wake up call. Jay was temporarily with Halifax but refused to ride “up north” but eventually joined Newcastle. While this upset promoter Whaley, it would lead to Alf Wells rejoining the Tigers, a move that would be highly beneficial to the Tigers cause.

Tigers Scorers

J McMillan 10, Berg 9, Dent 7, Andersson 5,W Templeton 4, Josefsson 4, Whaley 1:

Swindon Scorers

Shuter 12, Broadbanks 8, Trigg 7, Hitch 6, Munday 2, Keen 0:



                                                                         Debutant Ake Andersson returning to the pits after the premeeting parade,

                                                                                      along with Jim McMillan and Bo Josefsson