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Ake Andersson              Meetings      Points       BP         Total         Rides          CMA

Home                                        4            19            5             24             16             6.00          

Away                                        3              0            0               0               7             0.00

Total                                         7            19            5             24             23             4.17


Oyvind Berg                     Meetings    Points       BP         Total         Rides          CMA

Home                                      16            156         6            162             70              9.26          

Away                                      16            103         6            109             63              6.92

Total                                       32            259        12           271            133             8.15


Russ Dent                         Meetings    Points       BP         Total         Rides          CMA

Home                                        17            81         23          104             68              6.12           

Away                                        14            67         13            80             57              5.61

Total                                        31           148         36          184            125             5.89



Lars Jansson                  Meetings    Points       BP         Total         Rides          CMA

Home                                      10           60           8             68             37              7.35          

Away                                       6            34           3             37             34              4.35

Total                                       16           94         11           105             71              5.92




Bo Josefsson                     Meetings    Points       BP         Total         Rides          CMA

Home                                        9              62          5             67             33              8.12          

Away                                      10              50          5             55             37              5.95

Total                                       19            112         10          122              70             6.97





Bill McMillan                   Meetings    Points       BP         Total         Rides          CMA

Home                                     13              57          10             67             46             5.83          

Away                                     16              43            9             52             57             3.65

Total                                      29             100          19           119           103            4.62




Jim McMillan                  Meetings    Points       BP         Total         Rides          CMA

Home                                      18            184          6           190            80               9.50          

Away                                      18            136          9           145            81               7.16

Total                                       36            320         15          335           161              8.32



Willie Templeton             Meetings    Points       BP         Total         Rides          CMA

Home                                      18             95         16           111              74             6.00          

Away                                      18             56           6             62              68             3.65

Total                                       36            151         22           173            142            4.87



Alf Wells                           Meetings    Points       BP         Total         Rides          CMA

Home                                        4               25          3            28              16             7.00          

Away                                        4               17          7            24              12             8.00

Total                                          8               42        10            52              28             7.43



Brian Whaley                   Meetings    Points       BP         Total         Rides          CMA

Home                                      11             15           2             17              29             2.34          

Away                                      11               9           4             13              23             2.26




Scottish speedway was rocked by the tragic news that Danny Taylor had passed away following a brain haemorrhage in late October. His family vow to keep Berwick going and to this day the Bandits are his legacy.


Compared with 1967 when Edinburgh were looking for a new track and Tigers were having riders asking for transfers on a regular basis, this close season seemed fairly uneventful. The first news was of a training track was being set up at the Gyle in Edinburgh. It is now hard to envisage that there was once a campsite and trotting track on what is now prime estate, housing a large hotel and various financial institutions. Guys like And Meldrum, Jimmy Gallagher and Jim Beaton got some of their earliest rides on the oval, which was protected by straw bales. Ian Hoskins was hoping to run Second Division challenge meetings at Coatbridge on Sunday afternoons, featuring the visitors from the previous night at Berwick. Unfortunately this proposal fell foul of “Lords Day Observance” legislation, with Presbyterian Sundays still very much the order of the day in the 1960s.


An event that went almost unnoticed at the time was the fire at Hampden Park, which caused extensive damage to the main stand in late October. I can remember seeing the flames and smoke from my bedroom window, but never thought that it would have a great bearing on the future of speedway in Glasgow. Queens Park were in a pretty poor financial state and when Tom Fagan introduced his guest Ian Hoskins to various Queens Park dignitaries, their ears pricked up, particularly as Fagan said that Hoskins speedway had saved his club.  . There was an item in the Speedway Star suggesting that Tigers were looking at Cathkin, the former home of the now defunct Third Lanark football club. I always felt that this was just a bargaining chip that Hoskins had played to point out there were alternatives and to squeeze a better deal out of Queens Park. Despite all this, Tigers fans remained fairly certain we would still be back at the White City for 1969 as there seemed no likelihood of the White City being demolished in the next couple of years. Indeed Les Whaley had confirmed this in a letter to Tigers fan, Peter Colvin - many thanks to whom for this prioceless historic item.

However the Tigers promotion may have decided to strike while the iron was hot - both literally and metaphorically! - and do a deal with Queens Park at a time when they had little other option.......and so the deal was done and the Tigers would nevder return to the White City





The rider reallocation prior to the 1969 season was one of the most far reaching carried out. Not just heat leaders but genuine super stars were moving around, usually at their instigation. Newly crowned World Champion, Ivan Mauger had demanded a transfer from Newcastle and also insisted he was going to Belle Vue, OR he was going to retire. Charlie Monk wanted to return to Glasgow and Bernie Persson wasn’t coming back to the UK, or at least he wasn’t coming back to Coatbridge. Jim Airey and Norman Hunter were looking for moves while the projected return of Ronnie Moore had the Dons jettisoning Olle Nygren at a rate of knots.

In the end Mauger went to Belle Vue, Monk to Glasgow, Persson to Cradley, Hunter to Wolverhampton, Airey to Sheffield, Moore to Wimbledon and Nygren to West Ham….and Newcastle? Incredibly they got no one!! Initially they got Gary Middleton but after a couple of meetings he was released to Hackney and the Diamonds were allowed a permanent guest facility for the rest of the season. Yes, they lost the World Champion and got a different rider every week, and we thought we got a terrible deal the previous year!

Bill McMillan and Brian Whaley had headed off to Australia and Canada respectively and weren’t planning on riding in Britain in 1969. Bobby Beaton would become the Tigers number seven for the new season